BMS Smart Order - Supply Chain Software for Business

Poor logistics and supply chain management is the core problem for many chains. We have developed an effective advanced supply chain software as an ultimate solution to all your business problems.

Why Do Gas Stations Need Supply Chain Software?

The inability of companies to establish an efficient logistic and supply chain management results in huge losses. Om the one hand, gas stations fail to receive FMCG products on time losing millions of dollars annually. On the other hand, the still require some effective and advanced supply chain software to take their customer service and business to a more advanced level.

Our company has developed a unique supply chain solution. BMS Smart order is a multi-purpose IT platform for gas stations and c-store chains. It was built to ensure stable and efficient logistic management in addition to prompt product deliveries, transportation control, reduced costs, and automated business processes.

BMS Smart Order supply software is an ultimate IoT-based solution for:

  • Gas Stations;
  • Restaurants;
  • Hotels;
  • Fast Food Chains;
  • Cafes and Coffee Shops.

Our supply chain optimization software lets you control all your sites from one place. Make all necessary corrections to ensure an efficient c-store or gas station operation.

IT-Solution for Supply Chain Planning
BMS Smart Order is an advanced tool for gas station and c-store owners. It enables an effective logistics and supply chain management. The system generates, processes and controls Big Data collected from your every site in real time. We offer an advanced supply chain planning software to make the process of ordering products 100% automated and risk-free.

The supply chain software features an intuitive and user-friendly interface letting you easily handle any of the following tasks:

  • Set Necessary Parameters - BMS Smart Order station controls every step of the ordering process. A manager can easily set necessary parameters and make corrections in the already existing supply chain. An employee can confirm the order as well as set prior products to be delivered;
  • Efficient Supply Chain Planning - BMS Smart Order boosts the level of profitability of each and every supply chain participant. It will let you prevent the slightest risk of delivery delays or cancellations;
  • Effective Inventory Management - BMS Smart Order is an automated system for inventory management as well. It analyses the current situation with the products, checks stats and data and informs you in case you are about to run out of particular items. The system sends a push notification to your email or smartphone;
  • Reliable Suppliers Only - BMS Smart Order is a personalized system for gas station and c-store owners. It analyzes all information about available suppliers and chooses the best alternative for you. The supplier is selected in accordance with your companies preferences and particularities;
  • Supply Chain Execution - BMS Smart Order is a multi-purpose supply chain software to handle every step of the process. It keeps an eye on every stage starting from the order forming to delivery. The platform generates and analyzes data letting you successfully execute the supply chain;
  • Fully Automated IT-Solution - Our system lets you handle logistics and supply management remotely from your head office. Keep an eye on every site in spite of its location. You can manage your gas station or c-store supplies even if your site is located in another country.

How Does BMS Smart Order Supply Chain Software Work?

BMS Smart Order is an advanced supply software for business. The operation includes several essential stages:

  1. It automatically approves the order if it matches all necessary parameters.
  2. It automatically places daily orders that will be delivered the next day.
  3. It sends push notifications to the manager once an order is made.
  4. A manager confirms the order or makes necessary corrections if necessary.
  5. The software keeps all the information about who, when and why has ever changed the order (Blockchain).

BMS Smart Order is an easy-to-use tool. Employees are not required to have any special skills. All you need is to log in and get an access to all software tools, features and data. However, we provide coaching services in case of necessity in addition to supply chain consulting.

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BMS Smart Order Supply Software Advantages

Some of our customers have already implemented the BMS Smart Order supply chain software. It has proved to be beneficiary for their business. It makes it easy to arrange a precise and simple delivery process as well as solve the following problems:

  • Security - BMS Smart Order can boast the most advanced digital security means. They protect your business from the slightest risk of hacking or data leaking;
  • Prompt Delivery - forget about delivery delays and cancellations. We offer the best logistics and supply chain management tool to ensure prompt product deliveries;
  • Effective Inventory Management - the system lets you wisely manage your inventory and make all necessary corrections hen planning a new order.
    Our Supply Chain Software has already proved its efficiency in real business conditions. The latest surveys show:
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    We offer an advanced IT-solution for gas stations and convenience stores. Modern technologies will be your major competitive advantage in the long run. Remote control automated ordering and managing process, cloud-based IoT solution, data processing and analysis - you will get a pack of tools delivered by a single supply chain management software!