BMS Smart Station - Advanced Merchandising Tool

How to run a successful gasoline station business? What are the secrets of efficient bsuiness strategies for a convenience store or cafe? How to boost sales at a gas station? If you are here, you need answers to these questions.

Impulse purchases reign the convenience industry. A modern gas station is the place where people not only fuel their cars but also can buy everything from chewing gums and auto cosmetics to coffee, fountain drinks and food products.

Why Do Retailers Need Store Planograms?

Forming an optimal assortment is the prior goal for every convenience store or gas station. At the same time, efficient merchandising and planogram for retail store are vital. The processes are essential for a proper store management and trading space optimization. Your gas station can boast the best location, you may have the best products. However, you will never be able to sell them without a proper merchandising system. It will let you display the product to the target audience. Otherwise, no one will ever find them.

The latest statistic shows that at least 20% of convenience stores are using merchandising tools in the wrong way. It results in million-dollar losses for businesses. Our company offers and automated solution for convenience industry and gas station chains. We have developed an advanced planogram software and implemented in our BMS Smart Station IoT platform.

You can hire the most talented and gifted marketer to promote your products and goods. However, he will never handle the task without strategic tools necessary to manage gas station and c-store merchandising in addition to building successful planograms for a c-store. Moreover, a good marketer may be not enough. You will also need a designer to develop POS instruments as well as implement a winning visualization concept. The concept is supposed to be a reflection of a planogram in retail.

As a gas station manager, you need to keep all these actions under control. But what would you do when your chain consists of dozens or hundreds of sites? A manager will never handle the inspection of all c-stores and gas stations from the chain. According to the latest statistics, only 6% of all venues are being thoroughly checked! It means that 94% of all sites are not inspected when it comes to merchandising, product promotion and store planogram software.

We have developed an award-winning IoT-based tool that is aimed at putting an ease on your managing responsibilities and automatically keep control over all sites at the same time! We provide an advanced planogram software for c-stores and gas stations letting customers reduce costs and save time. Enable a 100% precise inspection of all gas stations in spite of their location.

BMS Smart Station: Benefits, Characteristics, Specifications

We were the first to introduce an advanced concept of a new gas station model also known as "Smart Gas Station". Based on the Internet of Things, it is eventually supposed to become a part of a huger system. For example, a smart city features millions of connected devices, instruments and platforms. Our Smart Gas Station concept is one of those platforms.

Modern technologies make many things possible. What was once considered as a miracle, today hits the headlines and takes the audience by storm. We have some amazing examples of IoT solutions. For instance, IKEA has launched its VR showroom that makes it possible to do shopping without leaving your sofa! The new tool is available in beta version for Steam kitchens. Not only customers can buy different pieces of furniture, but also create their own design and implement different interior ideas.

No Need to Desing Store Planograms Anymore

BMS Smart Station follows the same goal. The main aim is to let gas station owners proceed with inspections and merchandising management remotely without losing time and money. All procedures can be handled from a single web-interface. Managers can generate reports, stats and other essential data to improve your site performance. You get an access to your shopping space remotely and can keep control over it using IoT-based tools developed by RH (Retail & HoReCa). BMS Smart station will take you to a virtual real-time trip around a gas station or c-store no matter where it is located.

The advanced tool makes it possible to control products' layout and check all shelves inside your convenience store. Owners can use it to keep in touch with the equipment conditions, monitor fridge data and more. A user-friendly interface was designed to provide easy and efficient control. You will see a panel with all necessary buttons to move around the space and pick a particular object or zone for a thorough examination.

What Data Can You Generate with BMS Smart Station?

Not only our tool provides visualization of merchandising and product layout, it also generated data about the current condition of operating equipment inside the c-store or gas station. The platform is a part of a huge automated management system that will notify is the storage conditions for a particular group of products are inappropriate. It keeps an eye on temperature and other vital parameters.

Advanced Supermarket Planogram Experience

What is a grocery planogram? It is a visualization of how your products will be displayed to customers. It can be a sketch or planogram design that depicts a precise plan considering the space peculiarities. Store planograms will help to:
Create a visual concept of how your products location;
Introduce the c-store concept to the employees;
Attract the attention of your customers;
Establish your own control standards and criteria.
Who Can Benefit from BMS Smart Station?
Our BMS Smart Station platform is an award-winning advanced tool that will be beneficiary for all gas station and c-store owners. Here is why:
It Saves Time
you can control all sites from one place, no need to design store planograms
It Saves Money
you do not need to hire more employees to deal with merchandising
Big Data
The system provides reports and stats, it keeps data and records.
Track your customers' preferences and enhance their experience.
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