Coffee can boost your sales!

Branded Coffee Solution for Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

We offer an ultimate business solution that includes a unique coffee program from scratch. It boosts sales letting companies generate maximum revenues.


Superautomatic Commercial Coffee Machines for C-Stores

кофемашины wmf 5000s холодильник
Global Leader
WMF AG is a global leader in the field of producing superautomatic espresso machines for commercial purposes. The lineup includes a wide range of commercial coffee machines for businesses that boast different capacity. Not only they are installed in c-store and gas station chains but also in hotels, cafes, restaurants, etc.
Great Productivity
choose from a perfect model to match your particular business model. Consider the average number of customers in your c-store. Professional WMF Coffee machines can make up to 350 cups per hour! This is what makes WMF coffee machines the #1 choice for industry's leaders as Shell, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway and McDonald's.
Great Taste in Every Cup
WMF commercial coffee machines guarantee great taste of every coffee drink no matter how many cups they produce. Stable quality from cup to cup, wide coffee menu and intuitive control those coffee makers worth installing at your site.
кофемашины wmf 5000s холодильник
How to Choose the Best Coffee Machine for C-Stores and Gas Stations?
The same way as every vehicle refers to a particular type or class, coffee machines for business can be of different types. You will hardly buy a huge pick-up truck to drive in a city traffic. It will result in enormous fuel costs and other inconveniences. The same thing is with professional coffee machines for business.

Every model highlights its unique dimensions, characteristics, and features. Each superautomatic coffee machine was designed for a particular type of business. Whether you run a gas station chain or an independent c-store, cafe or fast food restaurant, our range of coffee machines will let you choose the best-matching model for your particular site.

We offer a wide selection of professional coffee machines for different business goals. Choose the one to suit your preferences and prior business objectives and start gaining revenues. We guarantee durability, high quality, innovations and great design in every model available on our website.

Not only WMF coffee machines can be used at gas station chains and c-sores, but also in hotel chains, fast food venues, posh restaurants and other establishments related to foodservice and HoReCa. Check our list of top professional coffee machines for business or contact our specialists to find out any necessary information. We will consult you on the best capacity, dimensions, and features to fit your specific business needs.

What Type of Coffee Machine to Choose for Your Business?

When choosing the right coffee machines for a cafe, c-store or gas station, you need to consider several vital parameters. They include:

  • capacity (coffee cups per day);
  • daily output (coffee cups per hour);
  • power supply;
  • coffee bean hopper;
  • dimensions.
These are only some of the parameters to consider. You need to keep an eye on every detail when choosing the right coffee machine for your site taking into account customers' traffic at a particular time of the day, the average amount of coffee cups sold at your c-store or cafe, design to match the interior of the venue, etc.

Design plays a crucial role if you are aimed at providing advanced foodservice to your customers. WMF lineup features superior models that can be met on luxurious cruise ships. Such models are supposed to meet the highest standards when it comes not only to hourly output but also the look. Some customers may require individually designed equipment to exceed their customers' expectations. We create coffee corners exclusively for you taking into account all your likes and preferences.

RH is the official distributer of WMF coffee machines known for their quality. They have proved to be a good choice for business purposes. WMF models are used in world's popular fast-food, c-store, coffee and gas station chains.

Commercial Coffee Machines for C-Stores: Price, Characteristics, Features

What are the most important factors when choosing a coffee machine for a c-store located at the gas station? Traffic is the first thing you need to consider. The more cups you can sell throughout the day, the higher revenue you will get. For a start, you may need a reliable coffee machine able to produce 200+ cups of coffee per day.

WMF 5000s is the model you need. It boasts the following specifications:

  • Daily output - 200+ cups;
  • Noise level < 70 db;
  • Compact sizes;
  • Wide selection of coffee specialties.

WMF Espresso for a Stylish Coffee Shop

Are you following the latest trends? Are you eager to run a stylish coffee shop to exceed gen Z expectations? Then WMF Espresso is the coffee machine you need. Not only it boasts enormous output but also award-winning design. It will turn your site into a modern and stylish cafe where every element will stress the concept of your site. WMF Espresso is he #1 choice for cafe chains' owners across the globe.

WMF Espresso advantages:

  • Stylish design;
  • Daily output - 350+ cups;
  • 2 coffee bean hoppers;
  • 2 built-in grinders;
  • Steam Heat for cups;
  • LED display.
Check for more available WMF models in our digital store. We have commercial coffee machines for any purpose.


Commercial Coffee Machines for Hotels: Price, Characteristics, Features

Reputation and customers' satisfaction are the two crucial parameters for hotel chains claiming for premium status. For this reason, they use only reliable and high-quality equipment. Coffee machines are not an exception. Not only they are expected to look stylish and match the interior of a particular hotel, but also provide a necessary amount of coffee cups, offer a wide menu of coffee specialties to meet expectations of every customer.

WMF 1500s meets all the above-mentioned requirements. It was designed as a substitution of once popular WMF Presto model and boasts the following advantages:

  • Daily output 200+ cups;
  • Functional design;
  • Compact sizes;
  • Wide selection of coffee offerings.

We deliver professional coffee machines for business of high quality. Each model has an in-built software module that enables remote monitoring system to keep an eye on every coffee machine installed in your cafe, c-store or gas station.

Telemetric system will let you know about everything going in on with your coffee equipment. You will control the number of cups sold each day, handle the minor malfunction at once and prevent the slightest chance of stealing by the employees. Our developments let customers boost sales by 30% and minimize the influence of the human factor.

Who Uses WMF Coffee Machines
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Remote Monitoring Center
мониторинговый центр русхолтс bms
мониторинговый центр русхолтс bms
We keep an eye on your every coffee machine 24/7
A team of professional engineers will keep control over your coffee machines round the clock. The system lets predict and avoid 50% of breakdowns. Half of all malfunctions can be fixed online.
We boost sales by 20% in 3 month
statistic show that sites start generating 20% more revenues after implementing our system.
We control the entire fleet of coffee machines
1,000+ coffee machines under our control. It guarantees superior coffee taste, successful busines, and stable workflow.


Authorized Team of Servicemen

сервисная служба русхолтс wmf
Servicemen Authorized by WMF Group
A team of service engineers consists of professional authorized specialists certified in Germany. Our servicing is the first to receive the status of the Professional Training Center. We are authorized to initiate educational programs for engineers on behalf of WMF Germany.
Original Spare Parts for Any Model
We have spare parts to fix any breakdown at short notice. 7000+ items and spare parts are available in our own warehouse.
A Pool of Certified Engineers 24/7
We never deal with outsourcing services and use only our own professional engineers available in any part of the country 24/7.
сервисная служба русхолтс wmf


Coffee Beans for Automatic Coffee Machines

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кофе зерно jde piaza doro
Coffee Beans for All Tastes
Choosing the right coffee beans is vital for running a c-store or cafe at a gas station. You will need special coffee beans every time you want to use an automatic coffee machine for business. We guarantee high-quality products and exceptional taste of every cup.
The #1 Coffee Producer for HoReCa and Retail
We cooperate with Jacobs Douwe Egberts Company. It has already gained a reputation of a proven leader among coffee brewers. It produces coffee beans for automatic coffee machines for more than 260 years.
You have the right to choose!
Feel free to choose from several suppliers and producers of coffee beans. We guarantee an amazing taste of every coffee beverage as well as the proven quality of coffee beans that will ensure coffee machines' durability and stable operation.
Coffee Module for Advanced Foodservice
Our company boasts a pool of skillful and creative constructors, designers and engineers who create exclusive coffee modules from scratch. We consider all your preferences and likes when crafting a unique coffee corner to meet your expectations as well as attract the attention of potential customers.

We design and create coffee corners and modules for gas stations, c-stores, cafes, hotels, and offices. Every module features:

  • LED lights to make your coffee module look bright and attractive;
  • Water sensors to let you know when the corner runs out of water;
  • Customized design to match the interior of your site;
  • Wastewater container sensors to get rid of wastewater on time.