Professional Coffee Machine Repairs

A pool of qualified servicemen keep an eye on your every coffee machine 24/7 and provide professional coffee machine services and repair.

WhyDo You Need Coffee Machine Repair Services?

Coffee is the second major source of income for every gas station. Coffee drinks let chains generate higher revenues even when compared with fuel sales. And what is the main secret of high coffee sales? Great-tasting beverage, of course. Most c-store owners opt for cheap coffee machines in an effort to save money. Such equipment has proved to be unable to cope with high outputs especially when the customers' traffic at a gas station is increasingly high. It may lead to coffee makers leakage and breakdowns. As a result, your site starts losing hundreds of dollars daily.

We offer an ultimate solution to this problem. Not only we provide the best coffee machines under the WMF brand, but also provide a full-scale coffee machine service for our every customer. Our remote monitoring system will keep all your coffee makers under control and automatically inform our servicemen in case of the slightest breakdown. We are the first to know when you need a water heater repair or digital coffee machine maintenance.

C-stores and Gas Stations Lose Millions of Dollars Annually

Your site can boast the best offer on the market in addition to the best coffee maker in the world. However, it never prevents you from facing any of the following problems:
Low-quality Commercial Coffee Makers
Only a superior quality coffee equipment will let you boost your coffee sales.
Poor-Quality Coffee Beans
A combination of the best coffee maker and high-quality coffee beans is the magic formula for a successful foodservice business. Once you lack at least one of the above-mentioned, your business is doomed to failure.
The Human Factor
You lose 50% of your annual profits due to equipment stand-stuff and stealing by employees.

We Sell the Best Coffee Machines produced by WMF Company

We are the official distributors of a popular German coffee machine producer. WMF is a proven leader in the market of advanced and innovative coffee equipment. The model lineup is full of coffee makers for different purposes. Whether you have a huge c-store chain or a single independent gas station, you will find a coffee machine with a necessary output and specifications. According to numerous coffee machine reviews, WMF models have proved to be the best choice not only for convenience stores and gas stations but also for premium hotel chains, modern coffee shops, and even cruise vessels. Every model has an in-built software to enable the connection to the Internet of Things. This fact makes the coffee machine service faster, easier and more effective.

Benefit from a Full-Scale Coffee Machine Service and Maintenance

RH (Retail & HoReCa) boasts a team of certifies servicemen who handle any of the following:

Commercial coffee machines installation and proper tuning

Commercial coffee machines service and maintenance
Distribution of coffee equipment produced by leading European brands
Installation of advanced IT-solutions for remote monitoring of coffee makers in spite of their amount and location
Coffee Beans Delivered by Worlds Top Producers and Brewers
RH (Retail & HoReCa) is the official distributor of D.E Master Blenders 1753 - a leading coffee producer for commercial coffee makers.

"D.E Master Blenders 1753" Trademarks

Professional Coffee Machine Repairs

Professional and prompt coffee machine repairs and maintenance is the only way to guarantee great taste and quality of every cup of coffee you sell to your customers. It does not matter if your site has 50 of 350 clients per day. You need to be 100% sure that a coffee maker will handle any traffic. Benefit from our coffee machine service and prevent the slightest risk of losing profits.

Who Handles Commercial Coffee Machine Repairs?

We have a team of certified servicemen and engineers. They have been certified by WMF specialists and can easily handle the coffee machine repairs in spite of the model. The list of services includes:
Coffee Maker Repairs
FKI Heating Equipment Repair
MerryChef Flexible Ovens Repair
Refrigerators Repair

Why Choose Us?

On-Time Support and Repair
Our servicemen get push notifications once a coffee maker breaks down. The notification is sent by the remote monitoring system. Once it is received by our specialists, they call at your place to fix the bug. It usually takes not more than 4 hours for the entire procedure. You save time and money.
Total Control of Your Every Coffee Machine
We use the remote monitoring system to keep an eye on your every coffee maker in spite of its location. The system makes it easy to monitor and locate the equipment from one place. You can additionally generate sales stats and reports on all leakages and equipment stand-stuff.
Original Spare Parts Availability
We have a full set of necessary spare parts to complete coffee machine repairs as fast as possible.
Coffee Machine Technical Support 24/7
Our servicemen consider 400 different parameters when proceeding with repair and maintenance.

We always follow manufacturer's recommendations and train your employees in case of necessity.

Every serviceman proves his or her qualification and regularly passes special tests.

We work 7 Days a Week, 24 Hours a Day

The remote monitoring system keeps an eye on your every coffee maker 24/7 !
Every application is processed no longer than 12 hours. We substitute your coffee machine with the same one while your equipment is being repaired. It means that you never lose time or money even when your coffee maker breaks down.
Commercial coffee machine services include:
Coffee maker installation and tuning;
Employee training and coaching;
Remote monitoring software installation;
Coffee machine repair and maintenance.
We guarantee meeting all technical requirements and standards. All servicemen have licenses and certificates that prove their high level of expertise.