Commercial Contact Grill for Your Fast-Food Restaurant

Every time you want to provide an enhanced foodservice to your customers, you will need a reliable commercial contact grill or Panini press. Prepare fresh and great-tasting meat, fish, vegetables and seafood effortlessly!

How to Choose the Best Commercial Contact Grill?

What is a grill press? How can it help your fast-food chain or convenience store when boosting customers' satisfaction and loyalty? How does it differ from panini press?

Commercial contact grills refer to foodservice equipment that is commonly used in restaurants, cafes and fast-food chains. The main benefit is its ability to make different meals keeping every ingredient tasty and full of nutrition elements. Contact grills differ from traditional ovens and frying pans due to an amazing aroma and smoked taste featuring crispy crust on your customer's stake or tuna sandwich.

Another important advantage for businesses is the fact that every commercial contact grill boasts the increased level of productivity and efficiency. Once you buy a grill press, you will be able to cook more fascinating meals if compared with traditional cooking equipment. The cooking process is shorter. It will take you not more than 2-3 minutes to make an overwhelming sandwich or hot-dog. Less time, more craving foods, higher revenues!

Commercial Panini Press for Fast-Food Chains

Fast food restaurants are changing the concept we are all used to. It is being transformed into a so-called fast-casual model of serving fresh and healthy foods on-the-go. The concept has proved to be a success. It is still taking the audience and restaurant chains by storm. Convenience stores and gas stations are not an exception. Grilled food is a new trend at c-stores. If you want to establish an advanced foodservice at your site, you will certainly need a commercial contact grill to cook:
How Does Panini Grill Work?
Also known as a contact grill, Panini press consists of two hot plates. The one at the bottom is stationary and serves as the main cooking surface. This is where you out your products and press them with another part of your contact grill press. It looks like your food is stuck between two parts of a briefcase.

The main feature is that both surfaces are heated simultaneously providing proper temperature conditions to cook meals of the highest standard as fast as possible. You can reduce the costs as you do not have to hire a professional cook. Using grill presses is easy and fast. You are not supposed to have any special skills or knowledge.

Where to Buy Contact Grills?

RH (Retail & HoReCa) provides a wide range of cooking equipment for fast-food chains, convenience stores, and gas stations. Check our lineup of contact grill models for different purposes. All presses are of highest quality and delivered by leading European brands like Kromet. Benefit from 000.GS-01 model available on our website.
The main benefits include:

  • Plates made of stainless steel and cast iron;
  • n-built Ribbed Heaters;
  • Temperature range 50˚C-250˚C;
  • Lower power consumption.

Boost your foodservice level and attract more customers with a fresh extended menu of grilled meals for every taste!

Best Panini Presses
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