RH (Retail & HoReCa) Company Profile

RH (Retail & HoReCa) is a multi-profile company that provides IT business solutions for c-store chains, gas stations, fast food restaurants, etc. We offer trendy and efficient tools to boost sales and establish advanced foodservice.
The company boasts a huge portfolio of successfully implemented IT-solutions to manage gas station orders and supplies. We offer a wide selection of products for gas stations and convenience stores in addition to authorized distribution, repair and maintenance services, equipment supplies and more. We have introduced yet the only unique monitoring center - the system to control each and every coffee machine in spite of the location.
Our services include:
  • Branded Coffee Solution for C-Stores and Gas Stations;
  • Remote Monitoring of Coffee Equipment;
  • FMCG Product Supplies (food and non-food category);
  • IT-Solutions for Retail Chains, Gas Stations and HORECA Companies;
  • Private Label Brand Promotion;
  • Logistic & Transportation Services;
  • Business Solution for Fast Food Chains;
  • Coffee Machine and Refrigerator Repair.
The main advantage for gas station chains and retailers is the fact that RH (Retail & HoReCa) provides full-scale services. You do not have to look for a product producer, service supplier or IT developer. You get all in one. We provide a complete business model from scratch including necessary equipment, maintenance, and support, production and more.

RH (Retail & HoReCa) is in top 5 biggest companies that cooperate with federal gas stations and retail chains.

Advanced IT Business Technologies
We can hardly imagine a successful business without implementing modern technologies and IT-solutions. Not noticing them means to become an outsider in the long run. More companies refuse from their typical business models in favor of more advanced solutions to provide a comprehensive service to their customers.

For this reason, our developers build IoT-based platforms for connected devices and equipment. We have recently introduced our newest Smart Gas Station concept that can be effectively implemented also in retail and HORECA chains.
Leading European and Russian brands have successfully implemented some of our latest developments that have proved to have a great potential from business perspectives. Our IT-solutions and platforms can boast various prestigious awards including "IT Project of The Year". Most reputable and respected IT specialists have declared our solution is the best in its niche.

RH (Retail & HoReCa) introduced yet the only Remote Monitoring Center officially operated in Russia. We have a pool of certified servicemen, operators, and technical engineers available 24/7.
Premium Class Warehouses
We have our own warehouses, which meet the highest standards and requirements. Located in Moscow and St. Petersburg, they have representations and distribution centers in other countries including Europe.

  • 13,000+ m2 total warehouse space;
  • Efficient Warehouse Management System;
  • Prompt Delivery;
  • Direct delivery to any site in spite of the location.

RH (Retail & HoReCa) Company Summary

We never stop developing our services and do our best to provide award-winning solutions that will let our customers generate higher revenues.
Year 1993
We provide an enhanced business experience from the very foundation.
11, 000 Sites
We supply services and products to gas stations located in Russia and Europe
300+ Employees
A pool of certified professionals is available 24/7.
We have the magic tool to develop your business
and we are happy to share it with you!