RusHOLTS company began cooperation with Dixy, one of the largest retail chains in the country.

We plan to install 420 coffee machines equipped with coffee modules.
RusHOLTS is an official dealer of WMF professional coffee machines in Russia. The quality and reliability of WMF have already been proved to our wholesale and retail customers. Some of the IT solutions we've developed for the HoReCa sphere are based on WMF coffee machines. This base is the best guarantee of consistently good coffee taste, uninterrupted, and long-term operation of equipment, high productivity, easy-going maintenance, and operation.

A few months ago RusHOLTS company began cooperation with Dixy, one of the largest retail chains in the country. It's not a secret that today Dixy occupies about 30% of the Russian wholesale market of perfumery and cosmetics and has the status of the largest importer of food products in the North-West region of Russia.

We started the installation of professional WMF coffee machines in February 2020. Today, most of the largest retailers present the concept of stores equipped with coffee points and Dixy is not an exception. The high marginality of the coffee business is very attractive. By this moment 220 WMF coffee machines have already been installed in Dixy stores in Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, Petrozavodsk, Murmansk, Smolensk, Bryansk, Yekaterinburg. We plan to install 420 coffee machines equipped with coffee modules.

As a result, delicious coffee drinks will be available for customers of Dixy supermarkets and convenience stores. Experts make us sure that there are many advantages. It is more pleasant to go shopping and enjoy delicious coffee. Besides, coffee aroma always attracts visitors and increases sales of certain categories of goods, for example, bakeries.

Private trading labels are becoming more and more popular all over the world. According to statistics, private labels take about 97% of the total amount of goods on the shelves of some retail chains. Following this trend, we will implement branded paper cups as a branded addition for Dixy coffee modules. It is already known there is a new Dixy store format. It is called the "Dixy Go" store. Mostly this format is based on offering food and drinks to go. For this kind of shop, we installed more productive and efficient WMF 1500 coffee machines. The first store of this format was opened in June 2020 in Moscow City, Mercury Tower. The target clients are people who work in the offices of this business center.

Why are our coffee modules so attractive for retailers?

Of course, the reliable and high-performance WMF coffee machine is only a part of the solution. Mostly the modules are based on modern IT technologies. They create key factors of the coffee business success - consistently good coffee taste, uninterrupted operation of equipment, and reducing costs, including costs related to the human factor.

BMS Coffee Control monitoring system is another key part of the solution. All the devices are connected to the IoT cloud platform. This platform is a kind of network. Monitoring sensors are installed on the components of the coffee machine, dispensers for water and paper сups, etc. All information is collected from the devices and transmitted to a single monitoring center, where operators monitor the condition of the equipment and immediately react in case of downtime or malfunctions. Statistics and extensive reports are generated and allow to reduce breakdowns and reduce different costs such as costs for repairing and maintenance, human factors. More than 2,500 coffee machines are already connected to our system. We invite you to learn more about RusHOLTS coffee solution!