Scandinavian Fast Food Strategy for A Successful Business

Since 2004, we have been helping our customers to take their place in the fast food industry. Our specialists have worked out and introduced their own "Scandinavian fast food Concept" that meets both customers' and owners' expectations.

Why Choose Us?

We are not talking of kebab skewers or cheapest fast food franchises. Our offer consists of high-quality products, advanced innovative developments, professional fast food marketing, and cooking technologies that will take your business to a new level. You can buy everything you need from cooking appliance to ingredients for a perfect meal.
Superior Quality Products
We do know how to boost sales in a fast food chain or an independent quick-serve restaurant. For this reason, we provide only high-quality ingredients to meet the expectations of every food gourmet. Choose from a selection of toppings, bakery, products for a grilled menu, etc. All goods are delivered by leading Scandinavian producers.
Winning Fast Food Strategy from Scratch
We help to create a profitable business from scratch. Not only we supply high-quality ingredients and equipment, but also provide everything you need to run a c-store, bar, restaurant or cafe at the gas station from scratch. The offer includes efficient fast food marketing and coaching. Train your employees, consult professionals and build a profitable business with us.
Advanced Technologies and Tools
We create exclusive fast food modules individually for every customer to deliver the most promising fast food franchise opportunities. Our constructors will discuss the future concept and create a unique fast food module that will match the interior, pieces of furniture and general style of your fast food cafe, restaurant or c-store.
Scandinavian Fast Food Strategy for A Successful Business
Check Our latest Development - Smart Grill
A winning fast food strategy also consists of latest IT development lets you control the hot-dog layout on a grill during the preparation process.
Smart Grill is a perfect equipment when it comes to foodservice on gas stations and c-stores where the traffic can be rather intensive.

It will cook a wide selection of meals that refer to fast food cuisine keeping products rich in vitamins and nutritive elements. Smart Grill reduces the amount of calories making a traditional burger or hot-dot healthier and tastier.

Foodservice Consumables: What You May Need Them?
Foodservices consumables come as a part of our Fast Food concept. They are essential whenever you want to provide advanced services to your customers. You will never be able to create a comfortable enough space to eat out without a set of required tools like a fast food box, folk or knife not mentioning cups for fountain drinks and coffee. At the same time, they can be turned into an advertising tool as well.

Foodservice consumables are necessary for a proper products' storage. They keep necessary temperature and other conditions letting them stay fresh and tasty for as long as possible. Marketers use them for promotions to attract the attention of potential customers. Napkins and cups can be used to display your brand's logo as well as share information on discounts, bonuses and other available offers. Exclusively designed consumables will turn a traditional tool into a catchy advertising element.

Fast food consumables should meet particular requirements and standards as well as package. They should be 100% ecologically friendly in addition to features and abilities to provide appropriate storage conditions. Our consumables are:

  • Resistant to moist;
  • Watertight and sealed;
  • Resistant to critical temperatures;
  • Have the right shape for safe transportation.
    RH/Retail&HoReCa offers a wide selection of foodservice consumables of the highest quality. Create your fast food chain from scratch and benefit from the following:
    Paper Coffee Cups
    Disposable Tableware
    Fast Food Boxes
    Hygienic Products
    Products for Catering
    You can become a successful fast food franchise or built your own fast food business from scratch. We bring the ultimate ready-to-use business solution build from scratch. You do not have to look for consumables at affordable prices. We guarantee superior quality, reasonable rates and a wide selection of products you may need when running a fast food restaurant at a c-store or gas station.
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