Frozen Bakery Products for Cafes and Restaurants

Г Why do most cafes and restaurants opt for frozen bakery items? Can they really boost the level of foodservice? How good are frozen bakery items for convenience industry? Where to find the best frozen bakery shop? We have the answer!

How Do Frozen Bakery Manufacturers Help HORECA Companies?

The only way to bring your business to success is to provide an advanced level of food service when running a c-store, cafe or restaurant. The magic formula of success consists of obvious essentials including affordable price, high quality products and great service.

While most conveniences stores are still at the basic level of foodservice development, others search for better tools in order to upgrade that level and benefit from increased customers' satisfaction. Frozen bakery products can be a good choice to enhance your foodservice. A wide selection of specialty bakery products are 100% organic and tasty. They meet the highest quality standards and requirements. Used by premium-class restaurants and 5-Star hotels, frozen bakery items are the tool to established an enhanced foodservice and boost you sales.

The Main Benefits of Frozen Bakery Products

Making great-tasting croissants or hot-dog buns has never been easier before! All you need is a rational oven and a rack. Benefit from the following:
No Containers for Dough
No Mess at Your Kitchen
No Cooking Failures
Learn more about Lantmannen Unibake frozen bakery products.

Lantmannen Unibake Pastries & Bake Off Products

Founded in 1905, Lantmannen Unibake is a Swedish company that takes leading place among other recognizable frozen bakery manufacturers around the globe. It provides a wide selection of bakery items and packaging for different purposes. Whether you run a small independent coffee shop or a huge chain of restaurants, Lantmannen Unibake is certainly the company to consider when it comes to frozen bakery products wholesale. The brand handles frozen bakery delivery for different industries:

Fast-Food Restaurants
Lantmannen Unibake is a strategic partner for numerous enterprises specialized in fast-food services. It uses shock freezing technology to keep products healthy and fresh. A wide selection of bakery items lets you offer an extended menu to all customers;
Hotel Chains
Lantmannen Unibake provides full-scale catering services for conferences, meetings and other events that take place in premium-class hotels. They deliver bakery specialties for hotel's customers to treat them with a great-tasting croissant for breakfast;
Coffee-Shop Chains
Fine-tasting beverages are not the only ones to determine the success of a coffee-shop. Visitors crave for an extended menu featuring pastries and bakery products for all tastes. Lantmannen Unibake has everythng you need for a cafe menu;
Retail Chains
Lantmannen Unibake is the main frozen bread supplier for many big retail chains. Some bakery items are the #1 choice for customers in different countries. Such products boost sales as well as impulse purchases;
Gas Station Chains
Lantmannen Unibake cooperates with gas station chains and convenience stores. The company delivers a wide range of pastries and frozen bakery products including hit-dog buns and other essentials.

Frozen Bakery Products Wholesale

RH (Retail & HoReCa) is the official partner of Lantmannen Unibake. We deliver high-quality bakery products to gas station chains, fast-food restaurants, cafes, etc. Benefit from an extended list of bakery items suitable for any business model. Boost your sales and encourage the impulse purchases. Choose from:
Cheese-n-Ham Croissants
Chocolate & Almond Croissants
Danish Pastry Plaits
Maple Pecan Plait

Fast-Food Buns

French-Dog Bun
Panini Bun
Hot-Dog Bun
Burger Buns
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