How to Run a Successful Gasoline Station Business?

Looking for a tool to boost sales at a convenience store? Want to get on top in the convenience retail industry? We have a good solution!

Tips to run Gasoline Station Business

Digital brands like Amazon are shaping convenience store trends today.
Modern gas station have grown more than just a site to fuel our cars. They have turned into a separate market segment that requires an efficient gas station business plan and winning strategy. The main feature of the convenience store industry is the ability to combine several fields at the same time. They include:

  • Foodservice;
  • Convenience Retail;
  • Fuel Sales.

The field of convenience retail stayed in the shadow of fuel sales for some time. However, modern entrepreneurs have learnt how to use c-stores and foodservice when buying a gas station or renting a site. The competition in the convenience industry is growing rapidly. For example, coffee drinks have become the second largest source of income for many chains. As a result, convenience store franchise business model has become a desired niche for many businesses around the globe.

On the other hand, tough competition in the segment makes it hard for new players to gain success. Digital brands like Amazon are shaping convenience store trends today. However, you still have a chance to take a leading position in the niche no matter if you run a huge gas station chain or an independent c-store.

Advanced technological approach is the only way to succeed in convenience retail in the long run. A modern petrol station business plan should contain advanced business tools to bring customers' service to a new level. C-store and gas station owners need to provide fast and high-quality foodservice for clients on-the-go in addition to latest developments in the IT field. According to the latest stats, 80% of all chains in the United States are stuck at the basic level of their foodservice. It means that only 20% of convenience stores are able to provide advanced foodservices for clients on-the-go. It is not only about healthy products and clean WC. It is also about the availability, extended menu, craving food offerings and reliable convenience store equipment, of course.

We help to create a perfect infrastructure for your gas station business. Our customers implement effective ideas and instruments worldwide and keep their business under control 24/7.

IT-Solutions for Convenience Store Franchise

Huge gas station and retail chains are shaping the convenience industry today. They establish their own convenience store trends and take leading positions on the market. However, there is always a place for an independent c-store chain that features a unique approach that differs from traditional c-store concepts. Once you want to stand out from hundreds of nearest c-stores in your borough, you should use some competitive advantages like IT-solutions, mobile apps for customers, voice commands to make an order, etc. Whatever you do, make sure your every tool is focused on three main essentials fr every convenience store:

  • Coffee Sales;
  • Fast Food & Authentic Menu;
  • Bakery & Pastries.

You can come across numerous sites on your way through the state to stop and have a snack. As a rule, a selection of fast food and bakery offerings is rather wide. However, having a tasty cup of coffee can be a huge problem! It may sound surprising, but the fact is that some chains serve disgusting coffee due to poor-quality convenience store equipment and coffee beans. Some c-store brands try to attract more customers implementing inefficient loyalty programs and low prices. At some point, they start selling t the detriment of their own profit and go bankrupts.

Choose only reliable convenience equipment for your c-store.
The first thing you need to think of when buying a gas station is a reliable coffee equipment but not a gas station pump. Many convenience store suppliers offer commercial coffee machines for different levels of customers' traffic. Used by leading brands, WMF coffee makers have proved to be a great option for a successful business. We decided to go further and developed our own IT-solutions that come with every WMF coffee machine we supply. Customers can benefit from:

  • Reduced Operation Costs;
  • Rapid Coffee Sales Growth;
  • Reliable Convenience Store Equipment;
  • 100% Control 24/7.

Essential Tips How to Boost Sales in a Convenience Store

Not only the success of your c-store is defined by the properly chosen business model but also by the implementation of advanced IT-technologies. The world is changing rapidly. Millions of new mobile apps and IoT-based solutions appear today. The Internet of Things is taking the audience by storm. Convenience retail industry is not an exception. On-the-go customers require easier and more comprehensive tools to search for the nearest c-store or make an order using smartphones. Businesses also need advanced technologies to keep numerous processes under control as well as generate detailed reports to make necessary improvements on time.

Considering all c-store owners' expectations and demands, we have developed our own conception of a Smart Gas Station. It lets you easily manage and control every aspect of your gas station business and make necessary upgrades with only one touch. The solution consists of several IoT-based tools:

  • Auto Order - the system to build and manage effective supply chains. A 100% automated tool prevents your c-store from any risks caused by the human factor, low-quality service providers, unqualified employees, etc.;
  • BMS Smart Station - an IoT-based platform to reduce the costs and boost the level of your c-store performance;
  • Remote Monitoring System - a platform to control all your convenience store and coffee equipment 24/7. Track your sales and generate detailed reports o every cup;
  • Team Vortex - an IT-solution to boost impulse purchases. It comes as a more advanced and effective alternative to traditional loyalty programs.

What Is Impulse Buying at a C-Store?

Th global market expects vverall 22 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things by 2021!

Although convenience retail and foodservice are well-developed in Western countries, some chains fail to create a proper product offer for their customers. Some brands do not want to change their once successful model in favor of seasoned offerings, others are unable to track customers' trends or consider new target audience like Millennials.

Every time you want to create an attractive product offer for your customers, you need to consider impulse purchase as the major model for the business. If a c-store visitor is thirsty, he or she will certainly buy a bottle of water or a cup of fountain drink in spite of the brand. In other words, most gas stations have actually the same list of products with only some slight differences. This fact makes it hard to stand out from the main competitors. A simple price lowering will hardly help.

The only way to stay on top is to implement advanced technologies for automated business processes. This is where our company can help. We provide full-scale IT services for gas stations and c-stores. You will get a handy tool to:

  • Build and Manage Supply Chains;
  • Encourage Impulse Buying;
  • Reduce C-Store Costs;
  • Boost Gas Station Sales;
  • Create Automated Business Processes.

Final Word
We have successfully implemented BlockChain technologies. Owners and managers will have a round-the-clock access to the essential data. Advanced tools will let you track every aspect of the c-store performance starting from coffee sales to equipment maintenance and support. IoT-based platforms create a non-stop real-time data processing letting you easily make necessary improvements and corrections to bring your convenience store to success.