McDonald's McCafe History - The Story of Success

McDonald's coffee is on the list of most affordable and tasty coffee drinks when it comes to fast food and c-store chains. It boasts an extended list of coffee beverages featuring 30+ drinks for every taste. McDonald's McCafe has hundreds of venues in different countries introducing the concept, which combines affordable McCafe coffee price, great-quality coffee beans, and fine-tasting drinks.

The History of McDonald's McCafe

McDonald's coffee has always been on the #1 list for all coffee lovers when it comes to cafes and fast food chains. McCafe drinks are popular across the globe still taking the worldwide audience by storm. The brand offers a huge lineup of McCafe drinks including 8 different coffee blends. The chain boasts a wide representation in different countries. It has venues in the United States, Europe, and South Africa. McCafé can also be found in some Asian countries as well.

McDonald's McCafe - The Rise of a new Coffee Chain

Although McCafé is a part of McDonald's chain, it operates as a separate branch and independent brand. The company is relatively new if compared with other popular chains like Starbucks, Costa Coffee or Tim Horton's. Established in 1993, McDonald's McCafe decided to refuse from a traditional fast-food concept as well as typical McDonalds menu drinks. It introduced a new type of modern coffee shops. Not only they serve a variety of coffee beverages but also a selection of great bakery and pastry offerings.

The main mission was to provide an advanced level of foodservices. It was supposed to combine a cozy atmosphere, fast service, and tasty products. The customers should feel there at home. The new concept had a huge success in addition to sales growth and growing recognition of a new coffee chain.

McCafe Coffee Drinks and Menu

From the very start, McCafe offered a wide selection of mainly espresso-based coffee drinks. The idea had a great success. It resulted in high revenues and sales growth. By 2003, the new branch generated 15% of the total McDonalds revenue. The new brand was named the Biggest Chain in Australia and New Zealand the same year.

McDonald's McCafe Today

The brand keeps developing vastly. It introduces new award-winning McCafe coffee drinks, implements effective loyalty programs. An extended menu includes some new trendy offerings like ice-brewed coffee and more.

According to the latest rumors, McCafe is planning to transform some of its sites into fast-casual venues. A new concept considers serving fresh and healthy foods fast for customers on-the-go. In other words, we may have a fast-food concept mixed with a premium-level restaurant approach. The new project is already launched in Australia. We'll watch it!