The new release of the MuviDeck IT product "Cloud platform for remote content management" now provides the "Video wall" function
New digital technologies help us to improve the service and reduce expenses. This trend is supported by developing and implementing IT solutions in gas stations and retail chains businesses. In particular, there is our solution called MuviDeck, a cloud-based platform for remotely content managing.

MuviDeck centrally manages any kind of content in real-time. For example, guests of a gas station cafe stop in for a snack or to relax on the way, where they can watch advertising content, watch the news, or spectacular excerpts of a recent sports match. As a result, we get an extensive collaboration of native and selling content creating a customizable and cozy atmosphere.

The WEB interface of the system manages the dynamic content, creates playlists, and monitors equipment status from anywhere in the world. Our MuviDeck players are already set up, you just need to connect them to your TV and activate them. Activation is possible to be done right on the screen and all that remains is to enter the PIN code in the application. The user only needs to create advertisements, menus, banners, and other types of marketing messages, although we are ready to help with the solving of this task. The content is played automatically 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We constantly improve the MuviDeck platform by introducing new features. In the latest release we have developed and added a new function "Video Wall", it allows you to play one extended video, divided into several TV screens. The management and control of such a broadcast have become much easier and more convenient.
All players included in the video wall must be combined into one local network. Playlists and appropriate video materials must be prepared and finalized. These factors provide smooth streaming and easy operation. The MuviDeck solution is already used by SurgutNefteGaz, VkusVill retail chain, Coffee Corner and Food City companies, Next Generation Clinic, and many others.

We invite everyone interested to learn more about the MuviDeck solution because according to the Intel research, advertising on LCDs attracts 400% more attention than advertising on printed POS media materials, and we are ready to help with this perspective integration to your business.