Lantmannen Unibake and Merrychef - Flexible Ovens and Bakery Products

We provide a complete and ultimate solution for your business. It consists of superior-quality Scandinavian bakery delivered by Lantmannen Unibake in addition to professional equipment for bakery produced by MerryChef.

Why Choose Us?

выпечка lantmannen unibake от русхолтс
Lantmannen Unibake Bakery Products
The company boasts decades of expertise when it comes to both fresh and frozen bakery products. They will let you boost sales at your c-store as well as increase the level of customers' loyalty and satisfaction.
MerryChef Flexible Ovens and Microwaves
MerryChef flexible ovens are the best bet for running a cafe or c-store at the gas station. Fully-automatic, efficient and innovative, they will let you cook great bakery with only one touch of a button.
More than Just Bakery
Not only MerryChef flexible ovens are the #1 choice for bakery but also for heating up frozen meals like fries, nuggets and other half-stuff products. Bring your foodservice to the next level making it fast, simple and great-tasting.
выпечка lantmannen unibake от русхолтс
Buy Frozen Bakery Now!
We recommend using MerryChef flexible ovens for cafes, gas stations, restaurants and convenience stores
Over 6 decades, MerryChef has been producing its high-speed flexible ovens, microwaves, and catering equipment for cafes and restaurants. The company boasts over 65 years of experience n culinary expertise and delivers its high-quality products to leading foodservice providers across the globe. MerryChef has introduced its expanded lineup if advanced and innovative equipment that will match different business models.

Whether you are planning to launch a c-store at a gas station or run a chain of cafes and restaurants, you will certainly choose the model to exceed your expectations. More than 165, 000 MerryChef rational ovens are installed in different venues across the globe serving great foods for a gas station and c-store customers as well. Our website offers a wide range of high-speed flexible ovens and accessories in addition to Rational and Wiesheu models.

MerryChef eikon e2
A small MerryChef oven that brings huge opportunities for your business. MerryChef eikon e2 represents the line of professional equipment and boasts small dimensions combined with high productivity. It will be a good choice for those looking for higher hot food revenues in addition to bakery and other types of meals.

Easy Touch Control system allows changing settings and choosing a cooking mode with only one touch of a button. MerryChef eikon e2 is a good choice for those looking for an affordable MerryChef oven price.

Technical Specification:

- W x D x H - 153/64" x 261/2" x;
- Weight - 150 lb/68 kg;
- Power Input Type - Electric;
- Primary Power Input - 230 V x 50 Hz x 1 PH.

Price starts from 8 500,00
MerryChef eikon e2s
Made of stainless steel, MerryChef eikon e2s is truly the #1 choice for those who want to avoid the slightest difficulties when preparing frozen, fresh and half-stuff products on demand. Small unit dimensions make this model rather compact and easy-to-use even in confided space.

MerryChef eikon e2s represents an award-winning combination of the smallest stainless steel unit and outstanding performance. The model is available in several colors to meet your interior design conception. It will take you minutes to prepare a great-tasting hot sandwich, pizza, fish, meat, vegetables and other products to provide an advanced level of foodservice.

Technical Specifications:

- W x D x H - 243/8" x 14" x 233/8";
- Weight - 134lb/60.8 kg;
- Power Input Type - Electric;
- Primary Power Input - 230 V x 50 Hz x 1 PH.

Price starts from € 7 600,00
MerryChef eikon e4
Looking for the perfect oven that is able to produce crispy hot food as fast as possible? Seeking for equipment to bring your foodservice to the next level? MerryChef eikon e4 is the oven you need. The model boasts energy efficiency in addition to great productivity. It features several programs for the most versatile and fast cooking.

The model combines the advantages of a powerful microwave and hot air impingement technology. This is what makes MerryChef eikon e4 an outstanding choice not only for c-stores and gas stations, but also premium restaurants, steak-houses grilled cafes and other foodservice establishments.

Technical Specifications:

- W x D x H - 22" x 253/8" x 231/4";
- Temperature range 100°C - 275°C;
- Weight - 181.9 lb/82.5 kg;
- LED Display.

Price starts from € 9 500,00
MerryChef eikon e5
In spite of other professional ovens for restaurants and cafes, MerryChef eikon e5 boasts an easy-to-clean interior, low energy consumption, touch screen control and lots of other benefits for cafe and restaurant owners. MerryChef eikon e5 is a good option for venues specialized in preparing intricate high-quality dishes like premium steaks, fish or pastries.

Feel free to prepare several dishes at the same time due to extended capacity. High level of productivity makes it possible to prepare the same meal 5 times faster if compared with other ovens if the same class. MerryChef eikon e5 us used in restaurants, canteens, cafe chains and other foodservice sites.


- W x D x H - 495 х 364 х 258 мм;
- Weight - 207.2 lb/ 94 kg;
- Touch Screen Display;
- Power Input Type - Electric.

Price starts from € 10 500,00
Looking for a flexible oven that provides maximum performance at minimum space? SelfCookingCenter ®XS is an ultimate cooking gear for cafe, restaurant or c-store. Prepare crispy grilled foods with only one touch of a button.

The oven operates at maximum temperature up to 300 °C, which makes it a perfect choice to cook premium-quality steaks, fish and other fresh or frozen products. SelfCookingCenter ®XS can cook amazing deserts and bakery in minutes! All you need is to select the appropriate mode. Intelligent climate control will keep an eye on your every dish.

Technical Specifications:

- Cooking temperature up to 300 °C;
- Dimensions - 55.5 cm deep & 65.5 cm wide;
- Weight - 72kg;
- Power Output - 5.7 N/A

Price upon request
Minimat 43 S
In spite of its small sizes, this baking oven can boast great performance. It will easily let you cope with huge traffic of customers on the busiest day effortlessly. The model consists of several removable parts including tank.

Such construction makes it easy to use the baking oven in a limited space. No matter how small your kitchen at c-store is, Minimat 43 S will easily take the toughest challenge when it comes to baking.

Technical Specifications:

- Dimensions (mm) - 3 x 440 x 350;
- Removable Block;
- Tray distance (mm) - 85;
- Water Pressure (kPa) 150 – 250.

Price starts from € 5 675,80
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