Private Label Products for C-stores and Gas Stations

Brand label is a great chance for a company to stand out from its main competitors in the niche. Private label products may attract more potential customers and keep the focus on the target audience. Private label business has grown into a major tool for retailers seeking an opportunity to stress their uniqueness and product individuality. It lets brands boost the level of customers' loyalty due to a wise combination of high quality and affordable price.
Our company deals with private label products supply, transportation and logistics, private label merchandising, etc.

We create brand label companies from scratch

Every day millions of customers around the world buy private label products at c-stores, cafes and gas stations. For businesses, the main goal is to promptly introduce a particular item and reflect it in the general selection of products under the brand label. Big retail chains have learnt how to successfully introduce new private label products to sell. They attract customers with lower prices if compared with other products on the shelves.

The situation with c-stores and gas stations is a bit more difficult. Impulse purchases are of major priority for the owners. If a c-store customer feels thirsty, he or she hardly cares about the price or brand name. They just buy a bottle of water or a fountain drink. The quality of a product is of major priority here.

What is a Private Label Brand?
Firstly introduced in Europe, the term resulted in the competition between newly-established companies and more recognizable retail chains. The main mission of private label companies is to get their place on the market and fill in the gaps. The strategy was a success. Today, private label brands appear in different fields.

RH Retail & HoReCa is the #1 private label supplier. We will help you to implement a successful business strategy from scratch. Our company collaborates with both newly-established brands as well as well-known retail and gas station chains. We offer a potentially strong approach that will certainly bring your business to success when it comes to higher revenues and establishing a leading position in the niche.

Tips to Launch A Successful Private Label Business

We offer an ultimate solution letting private brands achieve the following goals:
Boost the Customers' Loyalty Level
- private label products are good solution whenever you need to enhance the level of customers' satisfaction. You provide goods that follow the latest trends and are always in demand.
Generate Higher Profit
- each and every product serves to boost your sales with the help of a wider selection of goods, optimized manufacturing processes, efficient logistics and transportation enabled by private label suppliers.
A Combination of Price and Quality
- despite the fact brand label products need to meet high standards and requirements, they still can let you establish an award-winning combination of affordable price and high quality.
Efficient Inventory Management
- having a private label distributor guarantees the availability of any products for season discounts, sales, bonuses and other loyalty programs.
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Choosing the right private label product

How to Define the Best Item for Private Label?

The process of creating an item for private label consists of several essential stages. The only way to succeed is to find a full-scale brand label manufacturer that will handle the process from producing to applying the product from scratch. You will get a complete solution for your business. Our experienced specialists will do the following:
Define a winning strategy to promote and sell private label products
Create a unique logo and design concept for a new label
Choose a proper product category for a new item

Create a catchy and attractive package design
Ensure an efficient private label item production
Enable prompt supplement deliveries
Implement effective logistic and transportation tools
Deal with promotion and private label merchandise

Private Label Benefits for Customers

Not only brand label business can be beneficiary for companies but also for the customers. Your clients will have the following advantages:
A unique product with award-winning features and great competitive advantages;
A great combination of affordable price and high quality;
A wide selection of private label products always on stock in spite of the season.

The Advantages of Private Label Goods for Gas Stations and Retail Chains

Brand label production may have some vital benefits for gas station owners and retailers:
High Level of MRP (marginal revenue product)
Increased Customers' Loyalty
Rapid Sales Growth
In spite of all benefits, many retailers are still afraid to take the risk. They do not want to change their traditional business model that has proved to be profitable enough. They already have a huge database of returning customers. At the same time, there is always a risk of one private label product dislodged by a competitor. We have a solution that will keep you away from the slightest risk when it comes to creating a brand label. Check our efficient business models for gas stations and retail chains.
What You Get
We are the leading private label producers and suppliers. Our specialists have worked out an effective and reliable strategy for developing a brand label concept from scratch. The concept includes advanced tools to predict and prevent the slightest risk of failing. Moreover, we guarantee a high quality of every private label item we supply! Get a chance to:
  • Combine the purchasing demand of several customers at the same time;
  • Provide branded offers of your gas station or c-store;
  • Transport products depending on the demand of a particular site;
  • Prevent the slightest risk and cooperate directly with a private label manufacturer, supplier, and merchandiser as a single service provider;
  • Develop several brand labels at the same time and easily switch between them;
  • Reduce costs and collaborate with a proven and trustworthy service provider.

We offer a cost-effective and time-consuming solution to develop a private label from scratch effortlessly. You will get a full-scale systematic solution to promote and sell new items. Your customers will appreciate high quality, affordable prices, and 100% availability of every private label good.