Professional Refrigerator Repair Service
A team of professionals will handle fridge repair and refrigerator services 24/7. ENsure great storage conditions for your products.

Why Do You Need Refrigerator Repair Services?

Several decades ago c-store and gas station owners were not really concerned about appliance service and maintenance as well as refrigerator repair in particular. They did not care about the storage conditions for their products. It resulted in poor foodservice, while a huge percent of modern fast-food chains and cafes are still at the prior level of development when it comes to customers' loyalty and satisfaction.

Some convenience stores and cafes try to attract their target audience by reducing the price, At some point, they simply start working to the detriment of their own profit neglecting such obvious things like appliance service and maintenance.

The only way to take your foodservice to a new advanced level is to provide high-quality products at a reasonable price. For this reason, c-store and cafe owners need to keep an eye on their equipment to provide ideal product storage conditions. To cook a great-tasting grilled chicken you need to have a superior grill. If you want your customers to enjoy fine coffee drinks, you need to have a reliable commercial coffee maker. If you want to boost your bakery sales, you need to have a superior-quality oven for commercial needs.

Find all necessary equipment on our website. We guarantee high quality, reasonable prices, professional support, and full-scale services including:

  • Oven Repair Service;
  • Coffee Machine Repair Service;
  • Refrigerator Repair Service.

When Would You Need A Fridge Repair Service?

Many business owners are sure they provide the best ever foodservice. However, the latest statistics show that only 30% of convenience stores and cafes at gas stations deliver an advanced level of foodservices. The rest are stuck at a basic level. For most of them, choosing a company that provides a professional refrigerator repair service is the main priority.

Numerous agencies offer appliance repair and maintenance on the web. Choosing the right one can be daunting and time-consuming. RH (Retail HoReCa) delivers full-scale equipment repair services at affordable prices.

We also supply high-quality equipment including:

Commercial Coffee Machines
Flexible Ovens for Fast Food Chains
Wide Selection of FMCG Products
Advanced IT-Solutions for Business

Fridge Repair and Control: What Does the Refrigerator Service Include?

Our servicemen will immediately call at your place in case of a breakdown and complete fridge repair at no time. Your broken equipment will be substituted by the equal one until the repairing works are finished. Refrigerator service and maintenance include:
Fridge Installation and Setting
Refrigerator Repair
Equipment Supplies
Monitoring System Module
A pool of certified technical engineers consists of experienced servicemen. They regularly prove their qualification and complete special tests to improve skills. They can easily fix different models and provide original spare parts.
We boast our own servicing center where you can always count on original spare parts for your coffee machine in spite of its model or production year. Affordable prices and individual approach will give your equipment a new lease of life.

Refrigerators from The World's Top Producers

RH (Retail HoReCa) cooperates with the leading European producers of refrigerators. They include such big names as WMF, TEFCOLD, Flojet, Waeco and more.

We deliver, install and tune:
  • Refrigerators;
  • Pump stations;
  • Deep Freezers.

Our equipment meets the highest technical requirements and standards. All repairing works are performed in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations. Contact us to learn more.