Remote Monitoring Center
Boost Your Coffee Sales with Advanced IT Solution

Cannot find the reason why your coffee sales go down? Are losing thousands of revenues each month? Does your coffee taste bad or a coffee machine goes down? We offer an ultimate solution to all your problems.

Why Do C-Stores Lose Money?

C-store and gas station chains lose about $20, 000 each month. This is not because of low sales or high price for a coffee cup. This is due to a lack of control over your coffee machine fleet.
Is there a way to avoid such losses? How can c-stores increase the level of revenue generated from all sites at the same time? Is there a single solution to all "coffee problems" at once?

As a rule, there are key reasons why c-stores and cafes at gas stations lose their money on monthly basis. Those reasons typically include:

  • 30% result in stealing and employees cheating;
  • 20% of losses result in standstill of coffee machines due to malfunctions and breakdowns;
  • 25% of losses result in bad-tasting coffee due to incorrect coffee machine settings or modes;
  • The lack of coffee machine support and maintenance.

We offer one flexible solution to all the above-mentioned problems. The team of developers has introduced our own remote monitoring center to keep an eye on every coffee machine from one place no matter where it is located. Moreover you will have a chance to track every action of every particular coffee machine.

The system will automatically generate precise data and send it directly to the head office. Once a malfunction or stealing takes place, you will get a push notification. Save time and money providing an remotely respond to the slightest malfunction or drawback. Companies report sales growth within the first 3 month after our service installation.

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Keep All Coffee Machines Under Control 24/7

What are the main benefits of our remote monitoring system of coffee machines for business? The advanced IT solution lets you easily generate precise data. It provides detailed statistics making it easy to analyze the efficiency of coffee equipment on your site in spite of its location. It does not actually matter how many sites your chain includes or how many coffee machines you have. The system provides a remote real-time access to every unit. All you need is to log in and benefit from detailed information right here on your screen.

The system works as a single cloud-based solution letting you not only generate but track and keep necessary data. You can easily process huge information flows and Big Data, keep reports and overview statistics in order to make wise decisions and boost sales.

Would you like to learn the secret of a successful c-store or cafe at the gas station? Are you eager to take the fullest from your every site inside the chain when it comes to revenues? Check our easy-to-use and intuitive calculator to see how much you can get from coffee sales. All you need is to indicate initial parameters. We offer full-scale services to improve your foodservice offers at gas stations. Advanced solutions and innovative tools will let you turn your every coffee machine into a money printing press.

How It Works

We have developed an advanced cloud-based solution that makes it easy to handle your gas station business. Bring your foodservice to a new level ad benefit from increased customers' satisfaction and loyalty. The system allows handling the following task:

  • remotely track all coffee machines and other equipment at your c-store or gas station;
  • generate and process Big Data;
  • monitor statistics of produced coffee beverages;
  • track coffee sales at a gas station or c-store;
  • produce reports on coffee machine leakages;
  • generate stand-stuff, service and maintenance stats;
  • increase customers' loyalty and satisfaction inspiring them to buy more coffee.

The system consists of several fundamental components. They include:

  1. In-built module (installed inside the coffee machine).
  2. BMS System Server (serves to generate, process and store collected data).
  3. User's Interface to provide a remote access to any coffee machine in spite of its location.
  4. Digital Headquarters (track every coffee machine and other equipment at your gas station in real tie 24/7).

    The Main Advantages of BMS Cloud Remote Monitoring System

    System's main mission is to reduce your cists and increase revenues. This tool has proved to be an ultimate solution for owners who want to:
    Prevent the slightest chance of stealing or cheating by employees.
    Reduce the service costs by 80%.
    Benefit from 100% control over every gas station at one time as well as every unit in particular.
    Generate precise data describing the current condition of your coffee machines.
    Receive push notifications about any malfunctions or breakdowns.
    Overview detailed statistics on sales, productivity and other key parameters.
    Remotely control settings, change recipes, make corrections, launch promotions, etc.
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