Smart Electric Grill - IT-Solution for Advanced Foodservice

Smart electric BBQ grill is an advanced technologic solution for fast food chains. You can remotely control the cooking process, reduce costs and protect your money from incompetent employees.

Smart Fast Food Indoor Grill Advantages

Why Do You Need to Control the Food?

Apart from traditional fast food grills and panini presses, our advanced electric BBQ for cafes and gas stations offers a wide selection of advanced features to keep your business under control 24/7.

Keep an eye on the product or sausage layout when preparing hot-dogs as well as extended healthy fast food options for an advanced foodservice.

Every c-store should meet special requirements and standards when it comes to preparing fast food meals. The requirements depend on a number of essential parameters:

  • The Peak of Customer's Traffic at a Site;
  • Products Expiring Date;
  • Products Shelf Life and more.

If your employees are of low qualification or not aware of the above-mentioned parameters, your business will be doomed to failure. The on-time preparation is the key to success. Your every customer will get his or her hot-dog on-the-go without any delays. Quick and healthy food option - this is what defines a success on a c-store or gas station.

Our Smart electric grill will prevent financial losses. We offer an advanced IoT-based solution for gas stations. You can remotely track every time your employees load new sausages or patties on a fast food indoor grill, control the quantity and quality of every item on the process, ensure the right amount of sausages to please your every customer in spite of the traffic.

Why Do You Need Our Smart Electric Grill?

Choosing the best indoor grill is hardly a challenge today. You can opt for some proven leaders in the niche and buy electric grill on our website. At the same time, gas station and c-store owners can bring their foodservice to an advanced level with our Smart Electric BBQ.
Your site may boast the best location in addition to huge customers' traffic and great food option. However, it never guarantees high profits, as you need to keep an eye on products' layout.

Correct sausage layout ensures rapid sales growth!
A properly cooked sausage defines the taste of a hot-dog. Once the sausage is raw or overcooked, your customers are very unlikely to come back for another hot-dog. The right sausage layout and control will ensure amazing taste. Well-cooked healthy ingredients will boost your fast food sales and bring the foodservice to a new level. Benefit from our IT solution.

Smart Grill is an advanced equipment for cafes, convenience stores, fast food, and gas station chains. It has an in-built camera hidden under the glass. It keeps an eye on products on the grill and transmits the picture to you in real time. Moreover, it compares your sausages with the ideal variant and shows possible drawbacks.
Camera transmits information from your site in real time. You can see all sausages on the electric grill at the moment.
The system generates results from each gas station and compares them with the ideal variant.
The system generates necessary data and delivers it to your analytic center. You can make necessary corrections for an enhanced foodservice.
You can compare the results with the ideal variant and improve the foodservice as well as your employees qualification.
The "Smart Grill" IT-solution has been recently launched as a beta version. However, it has already grown extremely popular taking gas stations by storm. Or customers immediately start benefiting from sales growth in addition to higher customers' satisfaction and loyalty.

Business process automation is the prior goal for many companies. Fast food and gas station chains are not an exception. The lack of advanced solutions results in million-dollar losses. This is where our company can help.

The entire foodservice industry is changing rapidly due to innovations and new developments. C-stores and fast food restaurants implement IT-solutions to provide a better-quality service and generate higher revenues at the same time. We offer a selection of latest technological advances as a part of our "Smart Gas Station" conception.

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