Starbucks Coffee - The History of Living Legend

The Starbucks rand has grown into a coffee icon. 190+ thousand employees all over the world. hundreds of coffee bars in different countries, billions of annual revenues - this is all Starbucks coffee chain. But, how did it all start?

The History of Starbucks Coffee Brand

The brand can boast probably the widest Starbucks coffee bar chain in the world. The annual revenue is more than 20 hundred billions of dollars. More than 191, 000 employees work worldwide to provide Starbucks coffee drinks for all tastes and preferences.
The company is following the latest technological trends as well. It developed its own mobile Starbucks app to let customers order Starbucks coffee online and benefit from advanced loyalty programs. Starbucks gifts and gift cars have been taking the audience by storm for years. The company has launched probably the most effective and successful loyalty program with its Starbucks gift cards, promotions, and bonuses.

The Establishment of the Starbucks Brand

The company was founded in 1971 by three gentlemen who decided to team up and open the first ever shop in Seattle to sell coffee beans. None of those three had ever thought of creating the biggest coffee shop empire in the world. They really loved coffee beans and wanted to share their love with others by means of their newly-established store.

Starbucks founders did not have to think twice about the name for their company. They were well-educated and knew the literature well. So, they decided to name their shop after a character from the "Moby-Dick" novel. Character's last name was Starbuck and he loved coffee as well.

The Creation of Starbucks Logo

The marine and the Moby-Dick theme were reflected in the shop's name and design as well as in the company's logo. It was created by a popular designer Terry Heckler and depicts the siren surrounded by the letters forming the name of the company.

The Turning Point for Starbucks Coffee

The year 1981 appeared to be the turning point for the Starbucks company. This is when Howard Shultz stepped into the first ever Starbucks shop. He eventually turned into the company's CEO and brought the brand to the leading positions on the coffee market.

Shultz was the one to introduce an extended Starbucks menu. He implemented award-winning strategies to represent the company in different countries across the world including Asia. Shultz was actually the one to launch a unique chain of Starbucks coffee bars known across the world.

Starbucks Today

The company never stop developing. It introduces new coffee drinks and beverages in addition to advanced mobile solutions to provide an enhanced customers' experience. The company has the official Starbucks website in addition to its mobile application. On every occasion, it haunches the series of Starbucks cups featuring a unique design. It creates new working places, helps to save the environment and shapes all aspects of the coffee market in any way.