Team Vortex - Advanced Customer Loyalty Software

Team Vortex is a unique IT-solution aimed at boosting customer loyalty and retention. It inspires customers to make impulse purchases that are the driving force in the convenience industry. We have developed an advanced customer reward program that will increase sales and increase the level of clients' engagement with vending machines and coffee makers.
A Unique Loyalty Rewards Program
Only 30% of all customer loyalty programs have a success. It means that most c-store and gas station chains are not able to boost customer retention and clients' engagement. Team Vortex is an ultimate solution for convenience industry. The innovative loyalty system makes the process of purchasing more entertaining for your visitors. They start loving to make purchases at your c-store!
Customer Loyalty Software to Boost Sales by 300%!
The more coffee you sale, the higher revenue your sites generate. Our technologic customer reward program lets you easily increase coffee sales by 300%! If a coffee machine sells 30 cups of coffee daily, our solution will make it 150 per day! It will turn your every commercial coffee maker into a money printing machine. Grab your chance to leave all the main competitors behind and take the leading position in the convenience industry.
Advanced IT Solution for Business
People are tired of plastic cards, reward programs that are hard to understand and tons of equal loyalty apps. We offer a different and more effective way to increase customer retention. None of the available solutions will let you boast the same results as with Team Vortex customer loyalty platform. Our system is the only effective tool to boost your coffee sales by 300%!
How It Works
The main aim of our loyalty system is to make the process of purchasing as entertaining as possible. Team Vortex turns it into a game. People like to win and they will certainly grab the opportunity to get a reward even when buying a cup of coffee at a c-store or gas station. Team Vortex customer loyalty program turns a coffee maker into a slot machine where everyone wins.
Promo Aggregator for Commercial Coffee Machines
We have developed a fully automated customer reward system that is easy to customize. You can control the number of prizes, set time frames for each reward program, set new targets and choose products your customers can win. 100% automation and efficiency are the core advantages of our loyalty program.
How Can Customers Win?
Once a customer comes up to your coffee machine to buy a drink, he or she automatically becomes a participant in a loyalty program. The system will choose a reward while a coffee maker prepares a drink for the customer. You will benefit from the following:
Automated Loyalty System
The system will automatically choose a winner. You can set the percentage of winning possibilities.
Clear Reward Program
A customer will see all the information about his or her prize on the LED display.
Prizes On-the-Go
A customer will get a receipt with the prize indicated on it.
Customer Loyalty
A happy client gets his or her reward at the counter.
C-store and gas station owners can choose any product as a reward in addition to free coffee, discounts and more. An advanced IT-solution will send push notifications about the program timeframes and prizes left. You can control the number of prizes as well as generate statistics for a particular period.

More Advantages for Business

Team Vortex is a cloud-based solution. It means the following benefits for c-store and gas station owners:
Control loyalty programs on all sites in spite of their location in one place.
Choose reward program timeframes, prizes, and schedules.
Remotely set targets and control your loyalty programs from the head office.
Use flexible setting to choose prizes any time.
Implement different reward programs in different c-stores.
Benefit from an unlimited number of rewards and their types.
Try our advanced customer loyalty software and boost sales by 300%!