WMF 1100 S - Best Coffee Machine 2017

Meet the latest WMF 1100 S espresso coffee maker! Judging by the latest coffee machine reviews, this model is the best bet for small coffee shops and offices. The automatic coffee maker boasts compact dimensions in addition to high daily output, advanced features, and great design.

Moreover, WMF 1100 S is the most affordable model in the WMF lineup of best coffeemakers 2017. Looking for a cheaper and better alternative to more expensive variants? WMF 1100 S is certainly the one to consider.

4 Reasons to Love WMF 1100 S Automatic Coffee Machine

Good Investment
The latest WMF espresso coffee maker will turn into a profitable option for investment. The model boasts reliability, great quality and innovations. It is easy to use and clean no matter how many coffee cups you maker per day.
Advanced Technologies
The coffee maker has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. All you need is to choose a mode or setting in order to enjoy a fine-tasting coffee beverage from an extended list of drinks. Its compact dimensions let the coffee machine occupy little space.
Wide Selection of Drinks
WMF 1100 S boasts an extended menu of coffee drinks for all tastes and preferences. Choose any type you like from cappuccino, latte, espresso, macchiato, and many other drinks you usually order in a coffee shop.
Go Mobile
Control your coffee maker with the smartphone. All you need is to install MyCoffee mobile application and manage all settings and other parameters remotely. You can change the color of interface background, write down your favorite recipes and more.

Advanced System for Making Coffee Drinks

Drinks to Choose
Apart from any other single cup coffee maker, WMF 1100 S will turn into your personal barista with a wide selection of different coffee drinks. Just choose a beverage you like from an extended menu and press the button. At no time, you will get your cappuccino, macchiato, latte or espresso.
Milk Foam Heaven
Still wondering which coffee machine is the best? WMF 1100 has Basic Milk System, which turns the coffee maker into a real milk foam heaven! Your drink will feature premium consistency and proper temperature for the best taste you've ever experienced.
Chocolate Factory
WMF 1100 S automatic coffee maker has an in-built chocolate hopper as well as the advanced system to prepare coffee drinks. Wanna try the best hot chocolate in your life? Just push the button.
Choose from any color you like! WMF 1100 S model boasts stylish design to match any interior. It will add some style to your office or cafe. Select orange, white, red, or green version to meet your own design preferences.

More Delights with WMF 1100 S Coffee Machine

Quality Guarantee
Made in Germany, WMF 1100 S coffee maker is the example of superior quality. WMF engineers made everything possible to implement the latest features and technologies.
Basic Milk System
are you eager to make your favorite coffee drink with a nice-tasting foam? The system provides the best temperature to create a milk foam for your best-tasting cappuccino.
SteamJet Technology
SteamJet is a patented technology to wash your every cup with a hot steam. All your cups are 100% clean within a couple of seconds!
Cleaning System
Click&Clean is another patented development of WMF engineers. Once you need to have your coffee machine cleaned, press the button. We recommend launching the system once a week.
Advanced Backlight
WMF 1100 S has an innovative system of forwarded backlights. It lets you easily handle any process like filling the hopper with beans or ad water.
Compact Dimensions
The WMF 1100 S coffee maker has ultra compact dimensions. It occupies little space in the kitchen or office.
Touchscreen Display
WMF 1100 S is an example how best coffee machines can combine advanced features and innovative technologies. The model has an intuitive 7-inch touchscreen display. Animated menu brings the level of user experience to a new level. Here you can keep your favorite recipes, ad new beverages to the list of favs and access all descriptions with only one touch.
MyCoffee Mobile App
Thanks to MyCoffee mobile application, WMF 1100 S can be controlled right from your smartphone or tablet. Use your gadget to manage and control the coffee equipment, save new recipes, change the color of backlights, enable or disable functions and make your favorite coffee drinks from the distance.
Technical Specifications:
  • Recommended daily output 80 cups;
  • Power 1,9–2,3 кВт;
  • Basic Steam function to make foam;
  • Width 325 mm;
  • Height 500 mm;
  • Depth 561 mm;
  • Weight 25,5 kg;
  • Water tank 4,5 liters;
  • Noise level < 70 dB;
  • Coffee bean hopper 1100 g;
  • Topping and Chocolate hopper 450 g.