WMF 1300 S
Automatic Coffee Machine

Reliable coffee quality, blending robustness and easy service.
WMF 1300 S
The fully automatic coffee machine WMF 1300 S is the latest addition to the innovative coffee machines of the WMF family. The machine is characterised by extreme reliability, robustness and performance and with a recommended average requirement of 120 cups per day it is highly versatile. Above all, it is remarkably simple to use and maintain.

Explore the world of fully automatic coffee machine WMF 1300S

A Strong Performance
WMF 1300 S makes up to 120 cups per day.
Smart Clean
The new Smart Clean process makes the maintenance process simpler than ever.
Eco Model
This energy-saving mode reduces the steam boiler temperature if no beverage is dispensed for 10 minutes.
Compact Dimensions
With its sleek dimensions, the WMF 1300 S is ideal for venues with limited space, and leaves room for additional coffee machines or accessories
Hot Water Spout
An optional separate spout for dispensing hot water makes it easy to prepare tea and other infusions at a touch.
Up to 3 Hoppers
The WMF 1300 S comes with up to three hoppers - two for different types of coffee beans, and one for milk or chocolate powder.
Technical Specifications:

  • Nominal Power —2-2,4 kV;
  • Recommended daily output —120 cups;
  • Coffee Ben Hopper —550 g;
  • Dimensions — 325 / 669 / 574 mm;
  • Water Tank — 4 liters.
  • Width — 325 mm;
  • Height — 669 mm;
  • Depth — 574 mm;
  • Weight — 35kg;
  • Coffee bean hopper— 650 g;
  • 2nd hopper — 550 g;
  • Topping and Chocolate hopper — 1200 g.
Clean at the push of a button
This could hardly be simpler or quicker: the automatic cleaning process starts every evening after briefly pressing the power-off button. After 250 brewings, or at the latest after 7 days, a complete system cleaning takes place. All you need to do is connect the Plug&Clean adapter and insert a cleaning tablet. Once a week the milk foamer is removed with just a flick of the wrist and inserted into the WMF milk system cleaner.
WMF CoffeeConnect
By collecting, analysing and processing data from your machine or sending information to your machine, WMF CoffeeConnect gives you the power to optimise processes, reduce service costs, and increase turnover.
RusHolts Ltd. is a certified service partner of the WMF GmbH coffee machines since 2013.