WMF 9000 F Coffee Machine Combine Power and Modern Technologies

WMF Company has proved to be the leading producer of automatic coffee machines for business. This time the iconic German brand has introduced its newest model from the WMF F series. WMF 9000 F is the best bet whenever you look for an ultimate coffee equipment for business. Great daily output, latest technological updates and extended list of award-winning features - this is what makes WMF 9000 F so special.

WMF 9000 F Makes 100+ liters of coffee per hour!

WMF 9000 F automatic coffee machine is the best choice for sites with an intensive customers' traffic. It is able to prepare necessary amount of fine-tasting coffee at a short period satisfying your every visitor. No matter how many cups of coffee WMF 9000 F will make, it guarantees premium taste and aroma in every cup. The recommended hourly output is 100+ liters. WMF 9000 F will handle the most challenging task.

WMF 9000 F is a good choice for different sites and niches. You can install it:

  • At gas stations with intensive traffic;
  • In fast-food restaurants;
  • In coffee-shop chains;
  • In hotels and conference halls;
  • In office;
  • In retail industry.

WMF 9000 F boasts a wide range of advanced features and options. They range from automatic cleaning system to 10-inch touchscreen display with an intuitive and simple interface to control your automatic coffee machine.

WMF 9000 F Features

WMF 9000 F coffee machine has a simple and intuitive interface to control the model and handle all necessary settings with just a click away. Use the 10-inch touchscreen display to set parameters, choose prefer beverages from an extended menu or select any language you need.

Although WMF 9000 F boasts an enormous output, you can regulate the hot water output to prepare necessary amount of different beverages including tea. Hot water regulator will let you easily control; the amount of water and beverages you need.

WMF 9000 F makes it easy to prepare beverages using two types of coffee:

  • Traditional ground coffee;
  • Coffee without caffeine.

Two coffee hoppers will ensure enough capacity. If you want to use only one type of coffee, the model will automatically use both hoppers for your preferable type. WMF CoffeeConnect enables remote access to the coffee machine using your smartphone device.

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