Coffee Machine Rumble: WMF Bistro vs. WMF 5000 S

WMF Group is a leading producer of commercial coffee machines. They are used in different branches including convenience industry, gas station and hotel chains, restaurants, and cafes. The brand offers a lineup of high-quality and reliable commercial coffee makers for fast-food chains and cruise vessels of the premium level. The selection of models is regularly updated. New coffee makers showcase their advanced features and specs.

WMF Bistro Automatic Coffee Machine

Every WMF model boasts great output when it comes to the number of coffee cups produced per day. These commercial coffee makers are the best bet for a gas station or c-store with a high customers' traffic.

WMF Bistro once used to be the flagship of the entire lineup of automatic coffee makers under the WMF brand. The model took the audience by storm once it was released. It has proved to be compact and productive enough to cope with a huge amount of coffee cups per day. It offered a list of advanced features in addition to exclusive design, and selection of coffee drinks.
It served numerous retailers around the globe well. However, the company never stops developing. It implements new technologies and advanced solutions to make their coffee makers more effective from business perspectives. The recent updates of the entire lineup has introduced the new WMF 5000 S model as a substitution of the WMF Bistro coffee maker. A set of functions made it possible for the new model to become the new WMF flagship. We decided to compare and contrast WMF Bistro and its successor.

WMF Automatic Coffee Makers: Specifications and Characteristics

The first thing we should consider is that WMF Bistro boasts a bigger output. It is able to make 300 cups of coffee per day. This fact makes Bistro model an ideal choice for a site with high customers' traffic. The more coffee you sell, the higher revenue you get.

Although WMF 5000 S has a lower output featuring 250 cups of coffee daily, it has a lower level of nominal output, which is 3 kW. It is much lighter if compared with its predecessor. It looks a bit more stylish and has some technologic updates including touchscreen display and some other functions. The last but not the least is that WMF Bistro is more expensive.

WMF Bistro Coffee Maker WMF 5000 S Coffee Maker
Output: 300 cups per day Output: 250 cups per day
Coffee bean hopper: 1000 g Coffee bean hopper: 1100 g
Weight: 80 kg Weight: 37 kg
Basic Milk Dynamic Milk
No SteamJet SteamJet available
Price starts from €10 000 Price starts from €7 265
The table above proves that WMF uses new approaches to make their commercial coffee machines more advanced from the technological and functional point of view. The new model is twice lighter if compared with WMF Bistro. Both coffee makers are certainly a good option. However, WMF 5000 S has proved to be a better alternative for gas station owners who want to reduce costs and benefit from reliability.