5 strategies to increase coffee to go sales

As a coffee-to-go business owner, one of your main goals is likely to increase your coffee sales and grow your business. There are several tactics you can use to achieve this goal, and in this article, we will explore five of the top tactics you can use to increase coffee sales in your forecourt or convenience store.

  1. Offer a loyalty program. One effective way to increase coffee sales is to offer a loyalty program that rewards customers for their repeat business. This can be as simple as giving customers a punch card that they can fill out with each purchase, and when they have reached a certain number of punches, they can redeem them for a free coffee or other rewards.
  2. Promote your coffee on social media. Social media is a powerful tool for businesses, and it can be an effective way to promote your coffee and drive sales. Be sure to post regular updates about your coffee offerings, including any new flavors or special deals you may be offering. You can also use social media to engage with your customers and build a sense of community around your business. Use "location-based" geotargeting on Facebook to promote your business within a mile of your location.
  3. Partner with local businesses. Another way to increase coffee sales is to partner with local businesses. By offering your cross-promo activities you will exchange audiences with those partnering businesses. You will get a new customer base and increase your visibility.
  4. Offer a mobile ordering option. Nowadays, you have many platforms you can use with little-to-no investment. In today's fast-paced world, many customers prefer to place their orders and pay for their coffee using smartphones. By offering a mobile ordering option, you can make it easy for customers to order and pay for their coffee, increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction.
  5. Invest in high-quality coffee equipment. Finally, one of the best ways to increase coffee sales is to invest in high-quality coffee equipment. Using top-of-the-line coffee makers, grinders, and other equipment ensures that your coffee is always fresh and delicious, which will help attract and retain customers.

In conclusion, increasing coffee sales in your forecourt requires a combination of tactics and strategies. You can effectively drive sales and grow your business by offering a loyalty program, promoting your coffee on social media, partnering with local businesses, offering a mobile ordering option, and investing in high-quality coffee equipment.

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