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Automatic WMF Coffee Machines for Cafes, C-Stores and Gas Stations

WMF launched its first espresso coffee machine in 1927. For almost a century, the company has been bringing ultimate quality and perfect taste in its every lineup of commercial coffee makers.
Made in Germany

WMF Coffee Equipment for Business

No matter how many cups are sold daily at your c-store or coffee-shop. We have an ultimate business solution that will boost your coffee sales and ensure fine-tasting coffee drinks from cup to cup. Check our selection of coffee makers and choose the right bean-to-cup coffee machine for your site.

Latest WMF 1100 S Automatic Coffee Machine
Benefit from affordable WMF coffee machine price and enormous output!

WMF 1100 S bean-to-cup coffee machine is a perfect example of how a single device can combine great capacity, amazing design, list of award-winning features, and latest technologies. WMF 1100 S model is the best bet whenever you look for a unique and efficient commercial coffee maker connected to the Internet of Things. Manage all settings with your automatic coffee machine with a smartphone!
Commercial Coffee Makers for Sites ft. High Customers' Traffic. Sell from 10 to 350 cups of coffee daily! Need to sell more? Get two WMF coffee machines!
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кофемашина wmf 1100 S

WMF 1100 S Coffee Machine

35-80 cups per day
Give a warm welcome to a new WMF machine for business! WMF 1100 S is the latest model from the company's lineup of commercial coffee makers. It proves the fact that WMF coffee equipment combines great functionality, innovative design, a huge output for sites with high customers' traffic, and a range of technological features. Both gas station owners and visitors will appreciate a wide selection of coffee drinks to enhance the level of foodservice. The coffee maker is an innovative IoT device letting you easily connect it with other gadgets or control it with a smartphone.

WMF automatic coffee maker has an in-built topping and chocolate hopper in addition to an advanced cleaning system. The model also features LED display with touchscreen controls combined with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. WMF 1100 S is a perfect model for corporate or business usage in case your daily customers' traffic does not exceed 80 visitors.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 50 х 32,5 х 56,1 см;
  • Water reservoir: 4,5 литра;
  • Moving Senors;
  • SteamJet function enables proper temperature for every drink;
  • Leakage protection;
  • Available in several colors;
  • Flexible cleaning system Click & Clean;
  • Remote Monitoring Service, Repair and Support;
  • Advanced solutions to integrate payment systems and mobile payment services.
    кофемашина wmf 900s кофемашина wmf 900s

    WMF 900 S Coffee Machine

    10-35 cups per day
    Price: €1637
    WMF 900 S bean-to-cup coffee machine is the best bet if you appreciate great design and reliability most of all. The model is can be met in thousands of offices and small c-stores across the globe. It comes as a great solution for corporate needs. Get WMF 900 S model in case you want to implement a cost-effective "Coffee Office Solution".

    Technical Specifications

    • Nominal Power 220–240 В;
    • Nominal Output 1,7–2,3 кВт;
    • Recommended daily output 35 cups;
    • Coffee bean hopper 250 г;
    • Width: 305 мм;
    • Height: 400 мм;
    • Depth: 443 мм;
    • Weight 15 кг.
      кофемашина wmf 1200s кофемашина wmf 1200s кафе

      WMF 1200 S Coffee Machine

      35-120 cups per day
      Price: €3261
      WMF 1200 S automatic coffee maker is the best bet when you are looking for coffee equipment for medium or small usage. It would be a real bargain for a small convenience store or gas station featuring medium customers' traffic.

      The model brings a wide selection of coffee beverages for all tastes. It will let you bring your foodservice to an advanced level and increase customers' loyalty. WMF 1200 S coffee maker can make great espresso, Americano, Cappuccino or Chociatto. Make great-tasting coffee drinks with only one touch of a button. LED display will let you keep an eye on every process and chose the right settings.

      Technical Specifications:

      • Minimal Power 2,2 кВт;
      • Recommended daily output 100 cups;
      • Recommended hourly output 120 cups;
      • Coffee Bean Hopper 500 g;
      • Topping and chocolate hopper (optional) 500 g;
      • Nominal output 230 В;
      • Dimensions (w /h /d) 324 mm / 682 mm / 554 m;
      • Weight 33 kg.
        кофемашина wmf 1500s кофемашина wmf 1500s азс кофемашина wmf 1500s кафе

        WMF 1500 S Coffee Machine

        200 cups per day
        Price: €5354
        WMF 1500 S automatic coffee maker was designed as the substitution of the award-winning WMF Presto model that has once took the audience by storm. The new WMF 1200 S model comes as an updated version of an iconic commercial coffee maker with a set of better functions and more advanced technological features.

        WMF 1500 S model has a different design that looks more catchy and modern. At the same time, producers paid much attention to new functions implemented in the new model. Higher daily output if compared with WMF Presto is another great advantage in favor of WMF 1500 S. Made of high-quality materials, it boasts great durability and functionality. Grab your chance and buy WMF coffee equipment at affordable prices.

        Technical Specifications:

        • Nominal Power - 220 - 240 V;
        • Recommended daily output - 200 cups;
        • Hot Water Outlet - 143 cups;
        • Coffee Ben Hopper - 550 g;
        • Dimensions - 325 / 675 / 590 mm;
        • Water Tank - 4 liters.
        кофемашина wmf 5000s кофемашина wmf 5000s кафе кофемашина wmf 5000s кофемашина wmf 5000s

        WMF 5000 S Coffee Machine

        250 cups per day
        Price: €7265
        WMF 5000 S is a commercial coffee machine with an increased daily output. The coffee is the best bet for sites with an intensive customers' traffic. In addition 250 cups daily, the model boasts wide selection of advanced features like Dynamic Milk function for hot and cold coffee beverages. It creates a craving foam for every cappuccino drink.

        The coffee maker has an in-built grinder that reserves a high number of nutrition elements and healthy components in every cup. WMF 5000 S has a stylish design that will match any interior. The model is a great choice for cafes, c-stores, fast-food restaurants and gas stations with a high customers' traffic.

        Technical Specifications:

        • Coffee bean hopper - 1100 g;
        • Power: 230 В;
        • Noise Level < 70 dB;
        • Dimensions (WxHxD): 325x706x590 mm;
        • weight: 37 kg;
        • Recommended daily output 250 cups.
          кофемашина wmf espresso кофемашина wmf espresso кафе кофемашина wmf espresso бариста кофемашина wmf espresso бариста старик

          WMF Espresso Machine

          350 cups per day
          Price: €9558
          What defines a good coffee shop? Great-tasting cup of espresso, of course. Most commercial espresso machines require special knowledge and skills to make a cup of beloved beverage. You need to have a professional barista in order to handle the task. We have a better solution to this problem. WMF Espresso machine will turn into your personal barista. It automatically controls all necessary settings, temperature, and other conditions to provide your every customer with a perfect shot of espresso.

          All you need is to press the button. WMF Espresso machine will do everything for you. It automatically grinds coffee beans, sets optimal temperature and ensures a proper preparation process.

          Technical Specifications:

          • 2 In-Built Grinders;
          • 2 Coffee Bean Hoppers;
          • Auto Steam + Basic Steam Functions;
          • Steam Jet Functions;
          • LED Display;
          • Recommended daily output 350 cups.